UCC Indian Alumni Community


  • UIAC Connexions 2022
    UCC Indian Alumni Community, in association with Alumni and Development, will be hosting “Connexions 2022”—our annual social and networking event connecting alumni and students
  • Fundraiser for St.Vincent de Paul by UIAC
    St. Vincent de Paul is a charity organisation that works for social justice and the creation of a more just, caring nation. Through their wide range of services they provide practical support to people in need. They helped numerous students in Cork during the pandemic, and UCC Indian Alumni Community wants to thank them for […]

About UIAC

UCC Indian Alumni Community was launched officially by Prof. Patrick O’Shea, President of UCC on 18 May 2017.

Our main goals are to create a network of UCC Indian alumni around the world, connect them with students at the university and to expand the alumni chapter in different parts of India.

We organize events and workshops throughout the year, which are attended by students, alumni, staff and the public.

UCC Indian Alumni Community and guests at Spandan 2019
UCC Indian alumni community and guests at Spandan 2019


The UIAC team received the Enhancing the Student Experience Award at the 2020 UCC Staff Recognition Awards.

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