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UCC Indian Alumni Community was formed in 2017. It was launched officially by Prof. Patrick O’Shea, President of UCC on 18 May, 2017.

Our main goals are to create a network of UCC Indian alumni around the world, connect them with students at the university and to expand the alumni chapter in different parts of India.

We organise events and workshops throughout the year, which are attended by students, alumni, staff and the public.

News & Updates

  • UIAC Meet & Greet 2020
    An opportunity for Indian students joining UCC in September 2020 to interact with UCC Indian Alumni Community. This is a FREE event.
  • Chai Pe Charcha (Session 4)
    In the final session of Chai Pe Charcha this year, UCC Indian Alumni Aman Mohan Mishra and Vishwas Vadnerkar share their experience studying at UCC, about their job search process and their current position.
  • Chai Pe Charcha (Session 3)
    UCC Indian Alumni share their experience studying at UCC, their job search process and about finding their current position

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