Dr. Anushka Gangnaik

Dr. Anushka Gangnaik is currently working as a Commercial Process Engineer at the University of Southampton, UK. She graduated from UCC in 2016.

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Dr. Anushka writes

To start with, many thanks to UCC Indian Alumni Community for giving me this space to share my wonderful experience in UCC & Tyndall National Institute (TNI). I was awarded my PhD degree from the Department of Chemistry in the year 2016.

Prior to coming to Cork, all I was told by the friendly Welsh people that people in Cork are lovely and friendly! Well, that eased my mind and I knew I made a good decision to head to Cork. At the first meeting with my supervisor, Prof. Justin D. Holmes I was introduced to my crazy-genius group. This was in the gloomy Kane building, but some of the best scientific researches have been emerging from that grey part of UCC. After having shown around, I was taken to Tyndall where I would be based for the next of my 4 wonderful years in Cork.

The special bonds of friendships I have formed here will be with me throughout my life. The multicultural diversity is evident and being a student city, the locals are very kind (I had at least one stranger greet me on the street whenever I went to the Centre!). To be very honest, I never really thought I would also learn more about my Indian culture and people in this lovely little city, Cork! I loved all the day trips and my cycling and dancing crew! I hear it is a big community of Indian folks there but during my time we started with, I guess 25 of us. I am very happy to see this community flourish in UCC. The social and cultural scenes at UCC are pretty vibrant and I am very sure new students will not miss home a lot!

I am currently working as a Cleanroom Process Engineer at the University of Southampton. My role here involves undertaking broad range of cleanroom activities for nanofabrication. My specialities are Ebeam lithography and related research, which I acquired foundations for in TNI during my PhD. Having worked in University Of Southampton, the UK’s one of the best state-of art facilities and visited few others in the UK, I can comfortably say that (TNI) is not behind in offering world-class facilities for research and development. My time in TNI has definitely helped me grow as a researcher. For students and staff considering UCC & TNI as their choice of educational organisation, I will definitely endorse this place.