UIAC is looking for new committee members

UIAC is looking for UCC Indian alumni (student or staff) for the following positions within the UIAC committee – Social Media Manager and Manager

We are looking for UCC Indian alumni (student or staff) for the following positions within the UIAC committee.

You should preferably be based in Cork, Ireland, so you will be able to attend meetings and help organise events. Please get in touch with us by sending an email to with information on your relevant previous experience.

Social Media Manager

May 25, 2020: This position has now been filled.


  • Manage UIAC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Post important news to followers, for example, alumni achievements in sports and other areas, information about upcoming UIAC and other events of interest, job fairs etc.,
  • Design UIAC event posters and share them to followers, related Facebook pages or websites. Communicate with digital signage to display event posters throughout UCC before the start of an event



  • Booking rooms for meetings and events.
  • Submitting event management forms to Buildings and Estates, UCC.
  • Help organising events — Communicating with UCC securities regarding hall layout, parking spaces for chief guests. Assigning volunteers, printing flyers and posters, buying materials for the events and arranging MCee for the evening. Arranging tea/coffee or snacks if required for events/meetings.
  • Set up UIAC Banner during events, Organising video and audio recordings during an event.
  • Maintain contact details of catering services, UCC security services and chief guests during an event.

By Vimalkumar Velayudhan

Website Manager and Content Creator, UIAC.