Alumni Spotlight — Mr. Husain Miyajiwala

Husain Miyajiwala is currently working in Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd. as a Quality Control Specialist. He graduated from UCC in 2016.

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Husain writes…

Following my graduation from UCC, I moved back to India and started working under Dr. Colin Jamora at InStem, Bangalore, as a Junior Research Fellow. My research aimed to identify the role of Regulatory T Cells (Tregs) in the skin, under a non immune capacity. I worked to identify the correlation between Tregs, the hair follicle cycle, and the intra-dermal fat regulation within the skin. Additionally, I also worked to understand the role played by Tregs in Psoriasis and worked to create a viable mouse model for Psoriasis. 

Needing a break from research, I decided to move away from the bench and joined Cactus Communications as a Quality Control Specialist in Medical Communications, where my role is to liaise with major pharma companies and curate content meant for publication. I provide scientific inputs and quality assessments of research documents before they can be published in Journals, Congresses or used in the Healthcare Community. 

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